Will the buoyant executive recruitment climate suffer from a ‘no deal’ BREXIT?

There is no doubt, as we put the summer behind us, that the senior executive climate has been and is very vibrant.

Those looking to move need to view the autumn season as an excellent time to make change, but I suggest that there is no time to waste. Large corporates appear to have well advanced contingency plans, but the vast bulk of the UK’s business community – SMEs – are in a more varied state of preparation.

I would predict that the executive job market will remain strong until the December slow-down, but with the advent of January 2019 will come the prospect of exit from the EU only two months later and I think the market may well freeze to await the outcome.

For those that lived through the build-up to the year 2000 and the Millennium bug, a ‘no deal’ BREXIT might present the same damp squib.  On the other hand, it may create severe short to medium term problems and trigger a recession.

My message is simple, if you are on the move then you would be wise to move with best speed and get on with it.

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