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A Business built out of strength and real courage!

The Fortitude Dynamics Group is a company created from fearlessness, loyalty and friendship. As a business, we focus on delivering strong end-to-end solutions for People, Businesses and Property. Whatever the task at hand, our all-encompassing solutions are created to navigate challenge, and harness opportunity.

We pride ourselves on recognising that the thread that runs through the veins of this business is our Network.  Over the last 25 years, we have assembled a large network of powerful, influential and fascinating people, Senior Executives and Business Leaders. Our network of connections reaches around the world, and deeply into a cross-section of industries.

We work with this network in four complimentary ways. We have a Business Growth element which looks for funding of up to £1m from individuals for projects which have usually received a first round of funding. Parallel to this, we have a land and property investment business where we seek to expose investment opportunities to our network, often without planning permission, which we can undertake ourselves. We continue to run our very successful introductory Career Transition business for busy, successful and interesting people who are on the move. We are also growing a recruitment Board practice for non-executive and advisory roles.

In a world of constant change, we resolve to being central to our clients’ progress – whether in terms of property, career, or personal wealth. It is a very busy time for us here and we hope that one or more of these various business streams will interest you.

We invite you to come and join our ever-growing network and become part of the Fortitude Dynamics Family. Subscribe to our Blog for in-depth and thought-provoking articles and guidance on Career Transition, Investment and Recruitment Opportunities, along with Property and Planning news. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to be kept up-to-date with information on new investments and recruitment opportunities, and exclusive new off market opportunities, and be invited to our bespoke, prestigious networking events.

The key to the services provided by Fortitude Dynamics Group are bound together by the community that we have built and will continue to build throughout our existence.

Come and be a part of the Fortitude Dynamics Group community. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Stephen Mansbridge and Monika Juneja

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