The Importance of Work Experience: A Student’s Perspective

Last week, Fortitude Dynamics hosted Oli for school work experience. Oli spent the week working on our communications and increased the office’s daily Jaffa Cake consumption by 17%. We believe that providing work experience not only benefits us with an additional team member for the week but helps to give young people a valuable insight in to the world of work. Oli has written a blog about the importance of work experience from a student’s perspective. Thanks for joining us for the week, Oli, and good luck with the rest of your studies!

“Work experience is designed to encourage students to go out into the world and to explore different aspects of working life. For decades students have been required to work experience in their later years of secondary school, giving them a sense of how they might want to live their lives once they leave school.

The main aim of work experience is less about letting students do the job they desire but more to give students an idea of the work environments they will be in and the work ethic they need to have. However, the experience can vary greatly. As schools have very little jurisdiction over what happens in the workplace or how many hours the student must work, this all comes down to the employer and so some students may be given a lot more time than others. Furthermore, some students see the week as time off school to relax and these students don’t get a similar experience to their peers which means that schools may need to enforce more discipline into the it and make sure the employers are successfully representing how jobs in our society work.

Work experience would better reflect the world of work if there were a financial reward to at the end of the week. This could be decided by the school and it gives the students a good prize to work towards over the course of a week. A student could be payed more or less based on how their employer thinks they have got on. If someone was constantly late and did not get their work done, then money could be deducted. If someone was working exceptionally well and always was nice to their workers, then they would be given the maximum amount allowed by their school. This would mean more students would be encouraged to do work experience and encouraged to try harder when doing it.

Overall work experience is a very beneficial opportunity for the students but needs some improvements to make it more appealing.”


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