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Fortitude Recruitment specialise in both executive and non-executive BOARD LEVEL appointments.

Our recruitment business is very different to most in the sector because we use our extensive international network that belongs to only us, to provide pre-qualified people, as well as searching for those beyond.

Our Non-Executive segment uses our network, assembled over 25 years, to find appropriate candidates for boards. The differentiator is that we do not have to search; we will present a short list where the provenance of the individuals is well known to us. Fundamentally, this provides more accurate and more appropriate appointments because culture, team dynamics and depth of knowledge are already known to us, and a better ‘fit’ will result.

We also specialise in fielding Advisory Boards, often very important for early stage businesses as a profile-raising mechanism. Here we are looking to assemble high profile people who are prominent in their sectors.

For C Level leadership roles we combine the power of our network with search and research. It is far more powerful to identify the right person through someone who is already known and trusted, again this becomes a key differentiator compared to our competitors.

The power of accessing business leaders through this network FAR outstrips the modern senior executive recruiting methodology and provides accurate and appropriate choices for appointments

We focus on helping companies fill:

  • Executive Roles: specifically, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Commercial Officers of businesses from the top FTSE 250 and private equivalent and below. Also, Managing Directors and other key positions for smaller businesses
  • Non-Executive Roles: New Chairs for Boards, Non-Executive Directors, Advisory and Senior Consultancy Roles

Whilst ensuring we can provide:

  • Detailed knowledge of candidates
  • Fast delivered Long/Short lists
  • Strategic appointments to enable future funding or other solutions

Fortitude Recruitment offer a bespoke service to match exceptional talent with the very best job opportunities. We take a multi-faceted approach to providing the best candidates who can hit the ground running, whether for a week, a month, a year or permanently.

We look for people who have lateral as well as vertical experience and for those who can offer dynamic positive change to a business.

Women and those with ethnic minority backgrounds are of particular interest to us, meaning what we offer to companies is exceptional talent whilst still being diverse, varied and ultimately introducing candidates with real breadth and depth.

We welcome informal discussions from companies looking for the best in the market and for those seeking roles in the most stellar of organisations.

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