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“Connections for the Senior Executive” is a comprehensive programme designed to use our network to help Senior Executives find new and challenging opportunities. We also welcome Younger High Achievers

A highly experienced Principal will work with you on the following:

  • An in-depth career review; identifying future objectives and overcoming hurdles
  • Full marketing preparation: On-line profiles, Biography/Pitch, CV presentation and Network/Interview techniques.
  • Planning and implementing the Campaign Plan
  • The ‘Connected’ search using our network – our introductory service
  • International reach: Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East, and the US and Canada

We focus on providing you with:

  • Fast and thorough preparation
  • Clients surface the first opportunities within 4-8 weeks
  • Most clients start new roles in 2-6 months
  • Clients must be successful and have an interesting career story
  • Significant increases in remuneration have been realised;
  • Clear track record of success
  • References are always provided

This programme is targeted at successful and ambitious Senior Executives and Young High Achievers who want to assess their career and benefit from a clearly formulated forward strategy. It is best suited for those leading businesses or who are prominent in Executive Management Teams. It can deal with Executives who are from companies large or small.

A normal engagement is for 6 months.

Fortitude Dynamics also have a long track record of helping successful executives who find themselves in a disadvantaged situation. We have worked at CEO level in the FTSE 100 and below in this respect.

Call 01483 440066 to have an exploratory discussion either face to face, on Skype or Face Time or as a normal call. Alternatively, send us your CV and we will arrange to call you.

Other available programs include:

Career Strategy/Growth

Career Strategy/Growth

A “Personal Marketing” program that concentrates on the critical functions needed for career progression.

Portfolio Assembly

Portfolio Assembly

A coaching program for those who have decided that a single role is no longer appropriate for them.

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