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Fortitude Dynamics Group is a versatile group of businesses that deliver the requirements of our clients through powerful connectivity.

Founded by Monika Juneja and Stephen Mansbridge, Fortitude Dynamics Group focuses on delivering strong end-to-end solutions for people, businesses and property. In each case, experts are brought together to deliver the best possible outcome, delivering exceptional results for our network, because of our network. Take a look at our full stories on the OUR TEAM page.

Fortitude Dynamics Group is made up of

  • Fortitude Investment
  • Fortitude Planning and Development
  • Fortitude Networks and Events
  • Fortitude Recruitment
  • Fortitude Careers


Fortitude Investment matches forward thinking investors with viable, innovative businesses seeking an injection of growth capital.

Fortitude Planning and Development looks to solve all planning requirements as well as bringing external investment to enable projects to complete.

Fortitude Networks and Events bring Clients and Investors together at bespoke, prestigious events showcasing the businesses and people that form the foundations of our network. We also run events for high-calibre companies and organisations, bringing together like-minded people in sophisticated settings.

Fortitude Recruitment specialise in Board level appointments, both executive and non-executive, and provide a channel to one of the most innovative approaches to interim, advisory or permanent resourcing available.

Fortitude Careers is a slick Career Transition, Coaching and Networking service for those looking to change and advance their roles, return to work or establish portfolio careers.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and commitment to every project that we undertake.

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