2050 is Within the Career Span of Today’s Students

2050 and its projections are no longer just a future distant point in time.  They are real and within the grasp of those at university today.

In the early 2000s, those warning of climate change warned of war, famine, disease and mass migration.  These issues are here now, and, together with increased desertification, lack of water and isolationist politics ratcheting up the risks of regional wars or worse.  The vision is alarming, and the world remains with a level of control more delicate than gossamer.  When the Katrina struck Louisiana, it took less than 36 hours before sections of the population became feral.  There is no reason to think that other places would take much longer, including Guildford, where we are based.

In economic terms, the shift from the G7 to the E7 is already underway in this decade. The PwC predictions put both China and India ahead of the US by 2050. It was ever thus with Empires growing and declining. Whilst it is clear that the economic tectonic plates are moving significantly, it is less clear how tremors or earthquakes will shake out the change successfully from the existing world order.

Whether bleak or not as an outlook, those in decision making roles today will lay the foundations for our current students to grapple with the growing problems that the world will face tomorrow. Are our current CEO’s equipped for this task and are our budding CEOs being trained to deal with a world that is evolving at an ever increasing rate?

We would advocate that every degree and every MBA should contain a significant module to prepare the leaders of the future for the challenges of the next three decades. Every business plan should evaluate the risks that are likely to increase with time and every individual must tune into the issues that must be understood and tackled.

No longer can the world kick the can down the road. Tomorrow’s leaders need to pick the can up and deal with it and today’s leaders need to prepare the ground for this immense challenge, if they are not able to pick it up themselves. Whilst we rush to embrace technology, we must not ignore the problems that have to be solved. The challenge is here and now, and we at Fortitude Dynamics are currently helping and stand ready to help leaders to grasp this knot of problems and unravel it into a positive forward journey.

Winter is here and the Spring, in this context, will not come unless positive action is taken today.

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